Raw Milk

Jersey Cows

The Jersey cow originates from the British Channel Islands. They are a small, compact cow, capable of producing good volumes of milk with high protein and butterfat levels. Jersey cows tend to be hardier and more efficient than the traditional dairy Holstein/ Friesian, which leads to greater longevity. They are extremely inquisitive and have great personalities, although they are often stubborn and opinionated (don’t be fooled by those pretty eyes and long eyelashes)! Their size means they tend to be lighter on their feet, enabling them to spend more time out at pasture, even with the great British climate.

Jersey Milk

Our gorgeous girls produce the most amazing milk. It is creamy and full of flavour. It has a slight yellow tinge to it due to the Beta Carotine (a fat soluble yellow pigment and antioxidant which naturally occurs in the grass and diet of the cows) and the high fat content of the milk. On average Jersey milk contains 18% more protein and 20% more calcium than traditional milk.

What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurised or homogenised, in short it is natural milk. It comes from the cow, through the parlour filter and into the bulk tank, where it is chilled. We do nothing more to it at all. It is nutrient rich, including calcium, vitamins, minerals and iron, as well as healthy fats. It is also a great source of protein. It has not been processed like many of the non-dairy milk alternatives and the lack of processing also means that the cream will separate and rise to the top (just like the good old days). It can often be tolerated by those with a mild lactose intolerance.

Is it safe to drink?

There are strict measures placed on the sale of raw milk and we must be licensed to sell it. Our milk is tested every other day, with more detailed tests being carried out monthly. The World Health Organisation does suggest that children, people who are pregnant, or have a compromised immune system do not consume raw milk. We work with our Environmental Health Officer to ensure we trade within the law and that our dairy maintains a very high standard.