The Farm

Park Farm is a dairy & arable farm, one of three on the Chevening Estate, in Brasted, north Kent close to the Surrey border. The farm is run by James Edgar, who is the 3rd generation of the Edgar family to farm this land. Over the years the farm has evolved but the essence is still the same – to produce high quality crops and milk. The farm is made up of approximately 900 acres which is divided into arable land and a dairy enterprise.

The arable part of the farm is approximately 600 acres and a mixture of wheat, barley and beans is grown which is sold through a Farmer Owned Co-operative. In addition to the arable part of the farm producing quality crops for sale, we also aim to produce as much feed for our cows as possible, growing silage, maize and fodder beet in house.

The Farm currently has a milking herd of 60 Pedigree Jersey cows, with all year round calving. We raise our own dairy youngstock and overall we have approximately 250 head of cattle, including 1 Pedigree Jersey bull. The bulk of our milk is purchased by Freshways and is taken away for pasteurisation to be sold in shops. In addition to this in July 2016 we also obtained our license to sell raw milk at the farm gate. This is milk which is unpasteurised and unhomogenised. Our raw milk is full fat and you will be able to see the cream settle on top of the milk.

We breed and raise some Fleckveigh cows for beef and we have hand reared a small number of sheep in order to create a small flock for lamb. We have a number of ex commercial chickens for eggs, although we also sell locally produced eggs.

We are also able to offer interesting and educational school/ club visits to the farm. These tours can be tailored to the needs of your group and include a tractor and trailer ride to view some of the arable land and a tour of the dairy unit. For more information contact Louisa on 07909 510340 or email us at

Park Farm Aerial View